Enum: shaka.ui.Enums.MaterialDesignIcons

These strings are used to insert material design icons and should never be localized.
Name Value Type Description
FULLSCREEN fullscreen string
EXIT_FULLSCREEN fullscreen_exit string
CLOSE close string
CLOSED_CAPTIONS closed_caption string
CLOSED_CAPTIONS_OFF closed_caption_disabled string
CHECKMARK done string
LANGUAGE language string
PIP picture_in_picture_alt string
EXIT_PIP branding_watermark string
BACK arrow_back string
RESOLUTION settings string
MUTE volume_up string
UNMUTE volume_off string
CAST cast string
EXIT_CAST cast_connected string
OPEN_OVERFLOW more_vert string
REWIND fast_rewind string
FAST_FORWARD fast_forward string
PLAY play_arrow string
PLAYBACK_RATE slow_motion_video string
PAUSE pause string
LOOP repeat string
UNLOOP repeat_on string
AIRPLAY airplay string
REPLAY replay string
STATISTICS_ON insert_chart_outlined string
STATISTICS_OFF insert_chart string
RECENTER_VR control_camera string
TOGGLE_STEREOSCOPIC 3d_rotation string